How to write a presentation script

The title of this article may be a little misleading as many people want to know how to write a presentation script but the truth is you do not need one. Bear with me here because you may well need to write one to get the information you need in to your head,but when you get to the presentation itself you will only need bullet points.Organise yourself
So here, I am going to show you, in four simple steps, how to sort and organise yourself for your presentation. This is a Systematic approach that you can apply to any subject.

Step One: Listing

This approach is often called mind mapping and involves getting everything you think you should say down on paper. There should be no filters here. Do not think I can’t say that or I won’t have time for that. Get everything down even if it will be discarded later. Write down everything you know about the subject and also things you think you think you should know about it. You can always research and learn later if it does in fact,need to be said.
If you write it down as a list it will help to sequentially order your thoughts but you may want to write it as a thought bubble. Having a list of the main topics coming away from the Subject and then other points or thoughts coming from each of those sub subjects.
When we start out to write our presentation most of us fear we won’t have enough to say but usually the reverse is true and a common mistake is to try to get it all in, ending in a rushed and often confusing presentation.

Step Two: Sorting

So now we have too much information and it needs sorting. Take your list and sort it into similar subject matters. You will probably need to sort it into about three or four sections or headings. The items in your list will then fall into those headings or they won’t. If they don’t then discard them.
If you don’t discard them they will make your presentation messy and no one likes or understands a messy presentation. Stick to your three or four headings depending on length of presentation and only keep the points that logically fit into those headings.

Step Three: Arranging

Now is the time to arrange your information.
Now take the next logical heading and do the same and so on until you have the headings in a logical list and you have elaborated on the points under that heading. Those elaborated thoughts may include jottings of ideas for PowerPoint slides to include or other visual aids. Take a look at my post on PowerPoint presentations here.
You should now have several pages which are more formally arranged and hopefully you are now feeling like you have the start of a presentation.

Step Four: Review

Now you have a written structure to your presentation you need to take the time to see if it works. The best way of doing this in my opinion is saying the stuff you have written down out loud. You can say it aloud in your head but actually saying it will also be the first part of rehearsing. I also think talking to the mirror works well for me.
Yes like an actor you will need to rehearse for this presentation. An unrehearsed presentation will likely end in a disaster. Even professional speakers rehearse. I also find talking to the mirror helps me.
Don’t worry if it comes out badly first time as this is where you find out if things you want to say work or not. If it doesn’t fit, take it out and rejig your structure.

In conclusion

So now I have given your the four steps to writing a script, though please remember you should not read from this script when you actually present. These four steps can be done relatively quickly or take some time depending on the complexity of the subject and your own knowledge of it. Please do not skip this step out, when preparing for your presentation as preparation is vital to your success.
To present successfully you need a clear objective. Take a look at my post on Setting objectives here. You must prepare in a way that is systematic, thorough and detailed.
I hope that this has helped you in writing your presentation script but remember this is only one step in presenting Brilliantly. You may want to take at look at my posts on communication skills as a next step in getting your presentation, audience ready.
As always I am here to help and if you have any questions please ask by leaving a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can
With Grace and Gratitude


  1. Orion


    Hi Karen
    Thanks for your presentation.
    The steps you put forth are very helpful to create order in my mind.
    The script is well balanced with picture and is written in a simplified way that I can relate to easily.
    You also make yourself available, which is a welcome feeling as you stand behind what you are selling compared to many others who I feel are just selling.
    Thanks again

    1. Karen


      Thank you for your kind comments Orion.

      I am a firm believer that people buy people first and the product or idea second. We are all fed up with being sold to with promises of riches that are unachievable. As with anything if you are going to be good at presentations you have to but the effort in. To be great, you need to be good. To be good you have to be bad. To be bad you have to start.

      No one gets to be great at something without effort.

      With Grace and Gratitude 


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